AppShare build studio issue

A colleague of mine is looking at utilising the ideation app share product. however we have reached a bit of a stumble. Unfortunately the system responds ‘Build Access Forbidden’. I have also tested this and have had the same results even though we both have build access.




Thanks for downloading the Ideation app from our Community AppShare.

I’m looking into your Build access right now and will keep you posted as to progress.



The Overriding Build Access is set in the controller. It is likely that after the download from the AppShare it was defaultly locked, you will just need to go in and unlock it.

Select the application/instance within the controller, click on the environment (build, test, live) that you wish to unlock and uncheck ‘Build locked’.

Hi Adam, unfortunately we only get access to the build locked icon if we turn on snapshot approval and the ‘build locked’ slider is locked. As soon as we turn off snapshot approval the ‘build locked’ slider disappears

Could you please reply with a snapshot of your instance (as below):

And your controller environments screen please (as below:

Snapshots removed for privacy.


We’ve looked into this and there is indeed an issue with the Ideation Snapshot. We are investigating and I will get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.