Importing data into an object


Hi guys. Could somebody talk me through importing data into an object? I’ve had a go, but I seem to be missing something?


Welcome Ian, sure I can try and talk you through it.

The most important thing to remember is that once a file is imported this cannot be undone unless you have some way of distinguishing file imported data.

  1. First we need to define the import, this is done within ‘Data Exchange’, ‘Import File Types’

  2. Here we can names the file type and specify what Mats needs to expect will be in the file.

  3. The import operates against a single Base Object, this is where you expect the imported data to go.

  4. Header Lines and Footer Lines specifies lines you wan’t to be ignored.

  5. You can define your own delimiter if you need to however comma, tab and pipe are available by default.

  6. If you get stuck with this stage there is a good help page available here: Import File Type Basics

  7. Once you have defined the parameters of your import file it is time to define the columns left to right on each line of your import and how these map into your object.

  8. If you need to manipulate this data you can use a field processor to alter it before it is inserted into your Object. See my recent post here: Custom Field Processor Forum Question

  9. Once you have created your Import File Type you will need to create a page within your Admin Interface within which an Administrator can upload the file.

  10. The Import widget can be found under Utility within your widgets area.

  11. The Import widget does not require any configuration beyond the object to which it is associated. If there is only one import type for that object it will default to it, otherwise, it will offer the administrator a choice of imports to choose from.


Thanks Adam. Very comprehensive. I will heed your initial warning!